BZMask Alpha Series Gaiter Style Face Masks

BZmask Alpha Series Face Masks

Style, Form, Fit and Function Second to None

Truly Multifunctional Headwear - BZ Masks Alpha Series line of breathable UV protection flexible face-shield masks offers so many options, so many different ways to wear.  If you wear your BZMask Alpha as a balaclava under your helmet when riding your bike, motorcycle and four wheeler., you will get the benefit of our moisture wicking fabric pulling sweat from under your helmet keeping you cool, while simultaneously reducing your intake of " high velocity airborne protein" while you ride in style. 

Everyone searches for accessories to express their unique style. Avoid dust, allergens, or just make a fashion statement with this stretchy face mask. You'll be one step closer to your goal with a selection from our exclusive line of BZMask™Alpha Series tube style face masks designed to showcase your style and personality at a glance. Choosing the style that compliments your individuality gives others a peak into your world, so grab your new mouth mask and show off what makes you YOU.  BZMask™ Alpha and BZMask™ Sigma Series line of tube style face mask products incorporate a lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking material that is designed to remove moisture from your skin and expose it to wind which produces a natural cooling action.

Our BZmasks™ are substantially different than most of our competitors products.  Most of the tube scarf style masks on the market today are made of very thin material and have unfinished hems on the top and bottom.  Our finished hems are stitched all the way around both the bottom and top of the masks creating a finished edge that is soft, easy to grab & fit, will not pill and does not rill up around your nose or neck.

Show your style today in a BZAlpha face shield.

BZAlpha Styles

$16.99 FOR TWO

Monochrome USA Flag

$16.99 FOR TWO

Work of Art

$16.99 FOR TWO

Great for Halloween

$16.99 FOR TWO

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