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25Pack of Surgical Masks
25Pack of Surgical Masks

25 Fashionable Doggo Disposable Children's Masks Form Fitting Non-Woven

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25 Fashionable Doggo Design Disposable Children's Masks
Part Number: DFM-MCM-BD25
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Product Sizing: One Size Fits Most Children 4-11 Years
Weight: Lightweight
Material: Melt Blown Non Woven Fabric
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3 - 5 $16.99
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The 3-Ply Non-Woven layers of these Lifestyle Masks are made of soft quality materials to not only ensure protection but also to maximize wearing comfort. The form fitting nose guard is designed to mold to the users nose and provide a firm seal.  This seal reduces hot air escaping from the top of the mask and fogging eyeglasses or safety goggles.  The horizontal accordion style also ensures a flat-folding feature for easy transport and storage in a pocket or drawer. 

These masks are perfect for children's use or for use in a school, home or on the bus.

These masks are not intended nor cleared by the CDC for medical use in a "sterile" or surgical environment.

  • Mask Size - 6.3"x4.5"
  • Flexible nose bridge allows for close seal around cheeks and nose reducing fogging of glasses
  • Three ply construction of non-woven fluid resistant material 
  • Soft "Ear Loop" design
  • Try this product with our unique EarSaver™ comfort tool which removes the loops from the back of the ears and allows for all-day comfortable wear without pulling your ears forward.
Perfect for:
  • School
  • Retail Trips
  • Bus Transportation
  • Salon and Spa
  • Small Businesses who want to provide their customers with inexpensive facial coverings to comply with State and Local face covering requirements
  • Restaurant, Deli and Quick Serve Food Service
  • Anywhere inexpensive facial coverings are required
No other discounts apply to this product.

No mask can guarantee that you will not contract any disease or virus.   The BZMask Black Fashion Surgical Mask is a inexpensive and functional way to comply with local facemask and face covering requirements. 

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